This sessions is here to guide you. We are a product shop. Our goal is to help you build and maintain successful product. In order to do a great job we need to have a clear idea of your project.

We need to understand your Technical Objectives

  • What's the current state of your product?
  • Where you want it to go?
  • What's the desired features?

We need to understand your Business Objectives

  • What problem the product is supposed to solve?
  • How will you measure its success?
  • Who's the target user of your product? 

We love Supporting Documents!

If you have any supporting document that can help us better understand how we can help you; it'll be great! 

We came up with a list of supporting documents you can provide that would be helpful.

  • User stories
  • Designs
  • Application stack details
  • Mockup/Wireframe (if the product wasn't designed or built yet.)
  • Application Website URL (if the product was already built)