Project Pricing


Choose a partnership model that meets your immediate needs

Fixed Price

Choose this model if you have:
  • Project specification and timeline
  • Technically Documentation including user stories
  • Clearly defined expectations of functionality

  • How it works:

    Get your project accomplished within an exact budget.

Pay per hour

Choose this model if:
  • The scope of work is not defined
  • Technical documentation is poor or nonexistent
  • The development might involve multiple pivots

  • How it works:

    Pay only for the hours worked on your project.

Pay monthly

Choose this model if:
  • You need a developer in your team
  • You want maximum control over the development process
  • You need a developer full-time on your project

  • How it works:

    Pay a fixed price each month for a full-time developer

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If you already have a budget, request a quote by starting a project. We will assess what's doable within your budget and timeline.

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We built a Budget Estimator to make it easy for you to estimate the cost of your web development projects.