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Start a Project or Extend Your Team



IDEAL FOR BUSINESSES looking to DESIGN OR build a brand new product or UPGRADE a current one.

We help you build or improve your product or solution for beginning to end. You manage the project and we deliver. We'll charge you an hourly rate and work on a Sprint basis. 

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Extend your team ( Up to 20hr/month )


We can offer a lower rate if you just need a few things done each month. We can help you with your design needs or maintenance needs. We'll agree on a monthly cost for each month.

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Consulting & Strategy

Ideal for result driven projects

Tell us what you're trying to achieve and we'll help you manage the project, strategize, design, build a solution, setup metrics to follow the KPIs and help you reach your goal. We'll provide you a clear scope of what we can achieve with the budget you have.

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If you're shopping for the cheapest rate we recommend to try Upwork. Our services are not cheap but we deliver. This is why we work with companies that are looking to work with the bests talents to get what they want.

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