Rogers Radio Player



Rogers Radio

Ted Rogers founded Rogers company in 1960, and its roots were in radio with CHFI. Over five decades, Ted grew Rogers into the converged media and communications powerhouse it is today.

Today, Rogers Radio is a subdivision of Rogers Communications, a division of Rogers Media, specializing in the radio broadcasting industry. Rogers Radio is Canada's third-largest radio broadcaster (after Bell Media Radio & Newcap Radio) and the largest based in Ontario.

As of January 2015, the company owns and operates 52 radio stations (44 FM and 8 AM) in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. Everyday, listener tune to Rogers Radio Player on web or mobile to listen to each of these stations.

The Challenges

Coordinating  with the producer at Rogers on lakeshore and Rogers Headquarters. Making sure that the live stream is in sync with the radio feed, and making sure that the ads were served across all devices.



Part of our task was to work with Google DoubleClick to add Video Ads to the player. We helped implement a new version that allowed user to buy track directly from iTunes, along with new functionalities that made for a better experience overall.