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It will help us understand your requirements, how you imagine it working, and what work needs to be done to get it done.

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Technical Details
If you have technical staff currently involved. We recommend that your technical staff help you complete the following part.
e.g: Ruby 2.0
e.g: - Ruby on Rails - Middleman - Sinatra - AngularJS - ReactJS - Meteor
e.g: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB
e.g: Facebook API, Twitter API, Stripe API, Paypal API, etc..
Do you have any flowchart that explain the current architecture of your application?
Were unit tests, integration test or functional tests written for this application?
Is this application currently using a Git Repository such as Github, Gitlab, or Bitbucket?
Are you using bug trackers or an issue tracking system in your application?
Post Development
Will you need some assistance for deploying the new changes?
Will you need ongoing support and maintenance after the project is done?