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We work with the following technologies UI & UX Design, Prototype , HTML/CSS, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React JS, React Native.

We design and build for web and mobile. You can call us a digital agency, but really we’re just problem solvers. Our designers, developers, and marketers build everything from apps, to wildly creative campaigns that reach audiences globally.

Whether we’re creating application to connect fans and sports teams for Sportsnet, creating live streaming platform for CityTV, building a Squarespace website for Kahuso or even building our own products — we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Want to invent a product or launch an award winning campaign? Let’s talk.


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Working with Richardson and his team was a huge value added to our business model. His understanding and access to the various APIs out there and how they can operate with each other enabled us to automate parts of our business we didn’t know could be automated. The team is great to work with and fast on their feet. Their understanding of our business was refreshing and insightful. Look forward to working with them again.
— Tim Grassin, Co-founder of Stinson
We engaged Rich DX Studio to design our new product which we were building from scratch. We wanted a designer who had experience designing products and understood the challenges of making a product both look great as well as making it easy to use. We choose Richardson and his team to design our product since he had the perfect mix of design skills and a strong background in product development. Richardson is very knowledgeable in current product and design trends so we were confident that we would end up with a modern look and user experience. We are extremely happy with the results and have received plenty of positive feedback on the look and feel of our product and how easy it is to use.
— Brian Viveiros, CTO at Kahuso
Rich DX Studio has a huge level of professionalism and quality. The work has been outstanding throughout the years, and it keeps on getting better and better.
— Ricardo Martinez, Founder of Perconvly
I really enjoyed working with Richardson and hope to do so again soon. He was able to work through every issue with great care and skill, while making the project easier for future developers to also work on. I would recommend Richardson for any Ruby on Rails development work.
— Amanda Loughran, Co-Founder at Colorfield & Feedpanel
Richardson biggest strength is the rare combination of skill, professionalism, communication and work ethic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for any Rails work. He did a great job for us.
— Tim Scollick, Technical Director at Colorfield Interactive Inc.
We hired Richardson and his team to help us build our MVP in our very early stages of the company. As a start-up it was very difficult to get experienced developers at a reasonable price. But that is exactly what Richardson was offering, and given his passion for startups it worked out very well.
Richardson was professional, extremely knowledgeable and always delivered on time. I fully recommend Richardson to any start-up and small business owner that needs an expert RoR developer.
— Ana Caracaleanu, MBA, Director of Marketing Communications at StickerYou



We promise to deliver. We only take projects that we can deliver.  We work and surround ourself with technology expert. Because we bill per week and not per hours, we never compromise quality for time and give our clients realistic delivery schedules that accommodate with their business priorities. We strive for honest customer service, so we're happy when the finished work is to your complete satisfaction.


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I started building websites for a startup I really wanted to launch. The startup never made it but I learned a lot along the way. This is how I got my passion for designing and developing applications. For me and my team design and developing is problem solving. Problem Solving has always been a passion for me, this is probably why I studied Mathematics in college.

As you'll get to know me and my team, you'll discover our passion for technology and how working on projects or campaigns that reaches million of people makes us happy. We love to make an impact and we've been servicing the greater Toronto area for over 6 years now and we're excited to start serving more companies all across America.


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